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Denver Dentist Testimonial

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I moved from California to the Denver area about four years ago and have been searching diligently to find a competent dentist which has been a major challenge. Dr. Christ was recommended by a friend of mine and after further review I decided to see Dr. Christ to address some issues that I was having with my teeth. I went in for an evaluation and was confronted with a very professional and thorough exam that went through everything that I was having issues with and more. I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail. The office staff was very informative and was quick to get me in on my scheduled appointment. I have seen numerous Dentists and Dr. Christ was above all the rest by far. He was able to identify all of my issues and addressed each of them with a very detailed explanation of what work was needed to get my issues dealt with.

I needed three root canals which I was dreading as I have had a few done previously which was a horrible experience. Dr. Christ was able to do all three of them in one sitting and in a timely fashion and did it with perfection. In my previous root canals I was out of commission for days however with the precision and great work of Dr. Christ, I was eating Lunch 2 hours after the root canals were preformed. It has been about 10 days since the procedures and I feel great!

I highly recommend Dr. Christ and his staff for any dental work that is needed. I greatly appreciate great work and he and his staff exceeded all of my expectations!

-Kenny Kunz


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