Last April I went in for a routine checkup. I mentioned to Dr Christ and his staff that my jaw had been in so much pain I was unable to eat, and even losing sleep at night. They recommended the use of Botox, and I couldn’t be any happier they did. I just completed my second session, and all normal actions (eating, laughing, talking, etc.) are pain free for the first time in years. I highly recommend to all family and friends.

Vince Cole

I moved from California to the Denver area about four years ago and have been searching diligently to find a competent dentist which has been a major challenge. Dr. Christ was recommended by a friend of mine and after further review I decided to see Dr. Christ to address some issues that I was having with my teeth. I went in for an evaluation and was confronted with a very professional and thorough exam that went through everything that I was having issues with and more. I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail. The office staff was very informative and was quick to get me in on my scheduled appointment. I have seen numerous Dentists and Dr. Christ was above all the rest by far. He was able to identify all of my issues and addressed each of them with a very detailed explanation of what work was needed to get my issues dealt with.

I needed three root canals which I was dreading as I have had a few done previously which was a horrible experience. Dr. Christ was able to do all three of them in one sitting and in a timely fashion and did it with perfection. In my previous root canals I was out of commission for days however with the precision and great work of Dr. Christ, I was eating Lunch 2 hours after the root canals were preformed. It has been about 10 days since the procedures and I feel great!

I highly recommend Dr. Christ and his staff for any dental work that is needed. I greatly appreciate great work and he and his staff exceeded all of my expectations!

Kenny Kunz

Dr. Christ has been my dentist for the past 10 years. (it may be more, but I can’t remember). Through these years I’ve had my share of cleanings, fillings, crowns and root canals. Then it came time for dental implants. Dr. Christ was extremely patient with me. Letting me take my time and decide exactly what I wanted to do. He explained in detail the pros and cons regarding the condition of my teeth and what it would entail for each separate implant. Every process was detailed out as to approximately how much healing time would be needed. I trusted him 100% and I have been extremely happy and satisfied with the results of my implants–as usual, I wish I would have done it sooner. Dr. Christ and his staff are dedicated, kind and understanding. I would gladly recommend Dr. Christ.